For lovers of the arts

Thank you so much for stepping up to be a catalyst for change! There is a giant world of creativity, connection, collecting, and adventure at your fingertips, and all it takes is reaching out to someone on this list whose work you know or have discovered, and letting them know that you want to support it. It could mean commissioning a small work for a holiday, partnering with other commissioners on a larger work, or even a donation as a thank you for work that has moved you.

It is not charity and it is not lavishing people with wealth. Rather, you are externalizing the love that the arts have given you, whether it is music, theater, film, dance, or something else, and directly communicating with the people who make it for a living. It doesn’t take a huge sum of money - it could even come from a small collecting budget for CD’s and Blu Rays.

You can take equity in this relationship and work with the creator to design an experience that properly symbolizes the new work in a physical way, whether it’s a signed sketch, score, or other object.

If you would like to have your name listed in the Circle of Awen as someone who is interested in patronage relationships, please fill out the form below. Otherwise, contact an artist you know directly!

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